Focus Relational Care

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Tracking which members and families need contact from the church—and who has or has not received it—is often a cumbersome, manual process.


Our system allows you to put the relationship back into caring for people. Users can manage visiting assignments, keep visitor notes, and track follow-up information all in one
user-friendly interface.



 Love your people well without anyone falling through the cracks.

A community organization tool
to equip your leaders

Relational Care tracks all Ministry interactions with individuals and prayer requests to ensure all of your members receive the interpersonal contact they need.


loved by:

I love it! It’s so easy and so quick to verify the info. I’m super impressed with how well it reads the data. I think it reads the cards better than I could!
— Stacy Johnson

stacy johnson

System Coordinator,
High Ridge Church



Step one:

Next Steps reads your contact cards, matches them to an existing person, or adds a new person in your ChMS.

STEP two:

Each person's information is updated, contact items are created, and dozens of other possible actions are triggered.

STEP three:

All the people and contacts added or updated in your ChMS are reported so you know your data has integrity.

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